Our Ministries

Ministry offers church members an opportunity to serve the church and the broader community. You may ask to serve a specific ministry based on your interests and strengths, or you may be nominated for a ministry. Each ministry team has a chairperson who represents the ministry as part of Church Council, the lay leadership and governing body of MHUCC.

Diaconate Ministry

The Diaconate Ministry reaches out to friends and members who are going through difficult times, are hospitalized or homebound due to illness, or experience a major loss in their lives. We assist families with memorial services and receptions and organize a group of Prayer Partners who have covenanted to pray for the requests of anyone requesting prayer. And if you have ever wondered what happens to the beautiful flowers in the Chancel after Sunday service, the Diaconate breaks them into smaller arrangements that are delivered to our homebound members and friends.

For more information, please contact Joan Berry or Suzanne Albrecht.

Diaconate Ministry

Faith Formation Ministry

Faith Formation offers opportunities for children, youth, and adults to explore what we believe and deepen our faith through a variety of programs, including Children’s Sunday School (Preschool-6th grade), Youth Group (7th-12th grades), confirmation classes, and Adult Learning Opportunities. Education programs address topics such as marriage equality, environmental stewardship, social justice, and progressive theology. Secular topics, such as children’s literacy, conscientious consumerism, and voter education, are also offered to the wider community.


Sunday School is part of our Faith Formation Ministry

Fellowship & Growth Ministry

We plan monthly gatherings where members and friends get to know each other on a deeper level. Because “one size DOES NOT fit all,” events range from hiking excursions to game nights and potluck dinners with a focus on engaging members and friends of all ages and abilities throughout the year.

We also share the story of Mission Hills United Church and extend our extravagant welcome to each guest and member. If you attend a few services and provide your contact information on the sign-in sheet or a blue visitor card, you’re likely to find a loaf of delicious homemade bread and a note waiting for you at your front door–no strings attached. We also sponsor quarterly Inquirer Classes to help you get to know the denomination and the church, and to discern if you are ready to get involved in the life of the congregation.

For more information, please contact Bruce Ramet or Georgia Rickert.

Fellowship Ministry

Mission and Outreach Ministry

Mission and Outreach takes an active role in helping people in our community, near and far. We plan and organize volunteers in a variety of outreach programs, which include:

  • Rolling Readers
  • Special Delivery
  • Feeding San Diego food distribution and SNAP registration assistance
  • Uptown Faith Community Service Center, which provides food, counseling, and services to our homeless neighbors every month

We are also a “5 for 5 Congregation,” which supports all UCC Special Offerings to assist our global missions programs, educational programs, justice and witness ministries, and financial assistance to retired clergy and church workers. In addition, Mission and Outreach sponsors Alternative Christmas so that you can make a donation in honor of a loved one to selected local charities.

And if you enjoy coffee during our social hour following worship, you can thank Mission and Outreach for bringing Fairly Traded coffee and products to members and friends.

For more information, please contact Lisa Striebing.

Mission and Outreach Ministry_Feeding Mission Hills 2021

Personnel Ministry

As the human resources arm of MHUCC, personnel plans for church staff development, clarifies job descriptions and responsibilities, and oversees performance reviews.

For more information, please contact Susan Shurin.

Rev. David Bahr

Property, Administration, and Technology Ministry

When members and friends walk through the open doors, see the beautiful sanctuary, and feel welcome, we thank this ministry team for its stewardship of our campus. Members of this ministry help plan for future space needs and ongoing maintenance and repair. This team also makes space available to local community groups, such as the Center Stage Children’s Theatre, Mission Hills Garden Club, San Diego Women’s Chorus, and Hillcrest Wind Ensemble.

For more information, please contact Kristin Brown.

Property, Administration, and Technology Ministry

Stewardship and Investment Ministry

Stewardship and Investment manages our financial planning, plans our annual operating budget, and leads our fall Financial Stewardship campaign with the goal of helping all of our members and friends understand and support MHUCC’s mission plan with their time, talent, and treasure. From the crayons in the Sunday school classrooms to food provided to Feeding America, Stewardship and Investment ensures we make wise use of our resources generously given by our predecessors and those given today.

For more information, please contact David Rickert.

Stewardship and Investment Ministry - Rooted in Love

Worship, Arts, and Music Ministry

This ministry works closely with staff to create meaningful worship experiences throughout the year, including special services during Advent and Lent. The Chancel and Children’s Choirs explore a variety of musical styles, and often highlight the musical gifts of the members and friends within our congregation. This ministry also decorates the Sanctuary with art and seasonal decorations.

For more information, please contact David Jay.

Worship, Arts, and Music Ministry - Choir

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners’ covenant is to pray every day for submitted prayer requests. Anyone can be a prayer partner, but we request that you sign a covenant promising to pray every day. Covenant forms are available in the church office if you want to be a part of this life-changing ministry. We would love to welcome more prayer partners to join us. Prayer requests can be submitted in the offering plate using the green pew cards, or simply call or email the church office or contact any of the prayer partners.

Prayer Partners

Green Manor

MHUCC developed Green Manor for low-income seniors in 1970 and we continue to play an active role providing healthy food for residents and as the Board of Directors. Using the same model, our parent church developed First Congregational Memorial on Park Blvd by Balboa Park. We maintain that legacy to this day.

Green Manor