How We Are Governed

Each congregation or local church affiliated with the United Church of Christ is free to act in accordance with the collective decisions of its members, guided by the Spirit’s work in the light of the Scriptures. The government and administration of the Church is vested in the Church Council, comprised of church members who oversee the Church’s ministries and manage its affairs according to its Articles of Incorporation and current Church bylaws. All members of the church are encouraged to serve the Church ministries, which manage various aspects of church operations, worship, and mission outreach.

We also live in covenantal relationship with other congregations to share our insights about God’s message for us and to collectively work toward a more just and peaceful world. The Church also pledges itself to share in the common aims and work of the United Church of Christ and the Southern Association of the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Church Council

Church Bylaws

Church Ministries