The book “Images of America, Mission Hills,” published 2015, contains many pictures of our church neighborhood, including this photo of Ford’s Market in 1947. This building was located on the corner of West Lewis and Jackdaw, the current location of our church parking lot. (The couple in the photo is unidentified.)

A note of interest in our Council minutes – in 1958, our church protested the issuance of a license to sell alcohol in the store. The store was sold shortly after and there is no record of the new owner applying for a liquor license.

By 1968, the store was vacant and our church purchased this property and the adjacent small home located at 1211 West Lewis St. A year later, we tore down the store and created the parking lot which we now use. We renovated the small home, which we rented for $135 a month, until 1971, when we created the Mission Hills Community Preschool.