Children’s Sunday School

Mission Hills UCC believes that, just like adults, children in our congregation are on a spiritual journey. Children begin the service in the sanctuary with their families and the entire congregation, then go upstairs for Sunday school class following the “Children’s Message.”

In Sunday school, we use a Workshop Rotation Model to match the wide array of interests and learning styles represented by our diverse group of children. This curriculum helps to form their faith and enrich their spiritual lives by spending more time on fewer stories. Instead of learning a new Bible story each week, the Workshop Rotation Model spends 4-5 weeks on the same Bible story with the children participating in different activities each week. Activities include art, cooking projects, science, music, drama, puppets, and even technology. As a result, the children will gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the relevance of that scripture in our lives. They will also get to know the many volunteers who serve the ministry through teaching.

We also offer a Big Steps Nursery for children 3 years and younger.

Summer 2017

Our children’s Sunday school program continues to be a place of spiritual and faith formation for our children and our volunteer teachers. The rotation workshop model remains a fun and inclusive program that helps to create a space where all of our children find relevance, challenges, and joy in learning about their faith and studying Bible stories. We are going to shake things up and celebrate summer by having a single multi-age program each week while we’re out of school. We will study The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss. Intrigued? Join us! Our Sunday school is a special program and ministry and does require the time and energy of volunteers. Like so many ministries, it can only continue with the donation of time and talents of our members and friends. I hope that you might consider joining us in some way. In the meantime, the children will gather either in Fellowship Hall or outside in the enclosed area of the parking lot for Sunday school each week.