This is a wonderful time of the year to gather with friends and family, be appreciative for our many blessings, and likely eat a bit too much! Within our city, there are many people that are food insecure and find their budgets tight to be able to feed them and their families healthy food. A Feeding San Diego organization motto is — We believe in taking action to address hunger. At MHUCC, we also believe in taking action and co-host a monthly Feeding America food distribution on our parking lot.
This coming Tuesday, November 21th is the monthly Feeding America food distribution that takes place in the MHUCC parking lot.
If you are interested in this mission program and have some available time on Tuesday, please come and join the many volunteers that make this outreach project possible. Any amount of time you have available would be appreciated. You would not need to stay for the full event. Volunteers of all ages are appreciated and a big help. Our volunteers have ranged from kids under 10 to people in their eighth decade! If you have children home from school for the vacation and time on their hands, please feel free to bring them along!
We will be setting up for the distribution around 9 am which involves putting out folding tables and getting out the protein food we will be offering from a storage closet at the church. The Feeding San Diego truck usually arrives between 9:30 to 10:30 AM and then we get to work setting out the various food items delivered to be ready for our customers.
The actual food distribution takes place between 12-2 pm. We strive to have everything picked up, put away, and concluded by 2:30 pm or earlier.
Come if you can, stay for as long as you wish, and come away with a great feeling afterward that you have helped many people have access to healthy food. Thanks!
If you have questions on logistics, etc., please feel free to contact Larry Holt (619 733-8922) or Carol Holt (619 540-5624).

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